Ice Rangers


Ice Rangers is the second book in The Cinder Chronicles.

When Treghan, Corilai, Marni and Fletcher travel to the icy mountain city of Windwall to study under the city’s rangers, they find themselves thrust into the mystery of a rumoured gang of criminals hiding in the blizzard covered peaks.

Children have been kidnapped, young people are disappearing, and there have been a string of brazen thefts from the local landholders. With the situation looking perilous, the four are ordered to remain inside the city walls.

Sometimes, things happen that force a person’s hand. And when those orders must be broken, it results in a perilous journey through ice and wind into the heart of the Everwinter Highlands.

Can they save those who have been taken, before it is too late?


ISBN-13: 978-1542308922

ISBN-10: 1542308925

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