Rangers and the Academy

Ranger Academy is located in the city of Emberdale.

Regardless of flame colour, all graduates are guaranteed employment within the rangers or the academy on graduation, should they wish to accept it.

While studying at the academy, students are assigned to one of four houses – Plains House, Hills House, Forest House, and Highlands House. These names reflect the many corners of the nation from which rangers come, to work together for the prosperity of all the peoples of Cinder. In general, they study for a period of three to five years, depending on the major area of study they select in the later years, with field work a vital component of their courses.

The rangers are in five major groups: The scouts, the enforcers, the researchers, the archivists, and academy support staff. Those employed in the support staff or for the academy are also considered rangers. The four primary divisions of the rangers are housed on campus at Ranger Academy, as are support staff etc. Members of all groups may also act as teaching staff on a part time basis.

From the rangers, which includes graduates employed at Ranger Academy, advisors are promoted to assist the Chancellor in governing over Cinder. Flame colour has no bearing on such a promotion. The advisors have the power to lobby for a change of chancellor should the need arise, but this happens rarely. There is no fixed limit to the number of advisors, however there has never been less than ten appointed and active at any given time. Final decisions are always the sole pervue of the Chancellor. The advisory council does not have the power to make decisions regarding the law of the land, only to give advice to the Chancellor. The term council is used to describe them, however they do not strictly operate in that way. Advisors will often interact one on one with the Chancellor, on issues of import to them personally, without presenting along side their fellow advisory council members. Advisory council membership is voluntary, and members remain working in the same roles they held before being granted membership to the advisory council.

Recruitment is the sole responsibility of the scouts, as well as reconnaissance and the monitoring of the health and mood of the nation. Scouts may at times be called upon to perform policing roles in the absence of (or o behalf of) the enforcers. Often, scouts are the ones to uncover unlawful behaviour, and as such are called upon to deal with incidents where it is not suitable to wait for the arrival of the enforcers.

The primary duty of all scouts and enforcers in the law keeping capacity, is the protection of the people. There is no room for corruption, and all rangers are entitled to take action to take down corrupt rangers regardless of rank or seniority. Similarly, all rangers have jurisdiction to handle matters of the law in any part of Cinder, though under Chancellor Howe, this has not been commonly exercised.

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