Places in Cinder

Cinder is a nation isolated by its geography. Enclosed by forbidding mountains in the west and north, ferocious seas in the east and north, and the impossibly hostile Desert of souls in the south, this tiny nation stubbornly clings to a life of peace and prosperity apart from the great unknown which is the rest of the world.

Visited in Book one: Flame Rangers: (Majority of the action occurs in or around Judd, Emberdale, Oaklands and Grey)

Judd – a small village, at a critical central point in the nation, marking the northern extreme of the highway which dissects southern Cinder. (Treghan grew up here)

Dent – a small village, south of Judd. (Corilai grew up here)

Scholl – A small village between Dent and the coast. (Loka grew up here, Uma, Hulnes and Rulka all come from here)

Oaklands – a major town to the west of Judd. A thriving merchant hub and powerful walled town, with strong ties to the rangers and Emberdale.

Emberdale – Capital city of Cinder, home to the Ranger Academy. Located in the east, on the coast slightly north of the midpoint of the country.

Grey – the steel city, situated in the far south of Cinder. Home to Yuri and his bandit empire. A long history of producing steel from the ore in the nearby mines. Myths say Grey even trades steel to nations across the sea, though no evidence has been found of this.

Silverton – a town in the sanctuary hills, to the west of Emberdale.

The Mining Districts – to the west of Grey, these regions are the source of the wealth of that city.

Barache’s House – a hermitage in the forest far south of Oaklands.

Temple of Vera – a ruins of ancient times, located on the top of the Lizard’s Spine Cliffs

Southern Glaciers – To the north and west of Grey, these glaciers prevent travel west out of Cinder.

Not visited in Book One: Flame Rangers:

Desert of Souls – the sulfurous desert which marks the souther extreme of Cinder. Nobody has crossed it and returned in recorded history. The city of Horde lies on the north western edge of this desert.

Horde – the city of sand. Its people stubbornly extract an existence out of the Desert Of Souls. Enormous wealth from gems and precious metals.

Friss – a fishing village to the north of Grey.

Shepville, Wheaton, Seademon Bay: Villages to the north of Emberdale, which surround The Plains of Wrath.

Leusbay – a coastal city at the furthest northern reaches of Cinder.

Windwall – a mountain top city in the Everwinter Highlands, thriving in spite of the frozen conditions.

Yakks Valley – a small settlement in a sheltered valley to the south west of Windwall.

Norton’s Pass – a town on a junction of highways to the north, south and east, situated between and to the east of Windwall and Yakks Valley.

Black Peak Mountains – the range to the west of Oaklands

Grey Wolf Mountains – the range north of Judd, and south west of Emberdale.

Devils Teeth – a small range of high peaks south east of Judd. The main highway runs between these peaks, and those of the Grey Wolf Mountains.

And more to be revealed…

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