Secondary Abilities

As mentioned in the flame section, each colour of flame has a unique secondary ability, also called a colour ability, which is unique to flame wielders of that colour. In the second book, we see more of these abilities as our heroes learn how to use them. At the beginning of book one, we observed a small use of the yellow flame’s secondary, by Symin, when he first discovers Treghan at his parent’s home. This page lists a brief description of each colour’s secondary ability.

Black: The flame orb, or maelstrom. A sphere of fire which can be manipulated to serve as camouflage, but also can be used to block out environmental elements, such as wind, rain, or even sound. This manifestation can also be manipulated, to form a lethal whip like weapon when controlled by a powerful, well trained ranger.

Blue: The blue flame manifests lightning as its secondary ability. As at the end of book two, we have not as yet observed blue rangers in action with this powerful skill.

Yellow: Yellow flame has a subtle, but immensely useful secondary – far sight. They can sense all manner of things about the world around them, and about the people and creatures that inhabit it, simply by sending out a filament of flame invisible to others, and “feeling” the world through their flames.

Red: Red flames can manifest as powerful molten weaponry. Enormous swords, lances, axes, whatever style of weapon the wielder desires, can be manifest from the flame and wielded as a deadly magical weapon for a short time.

Green: Green flames have power of life over all plants. Not only can they grow existing plants, they can sprout new life from seeds, or even reawaken long dead plant matter, accessing the genetic material stored in wood or cloth made from plants, to create new life for the benefit of the wielder.

Orange: Orange flame secondary has not yet been observed as at the end of book two, however is a potent control over earth, able to manipulate soil, rocks and other aspects of the natural landscape.

Violet: The violet flame has a unique set of healing abilities, and an affinity for herbs, potions, and animals.

White: White, the mysterious and rare flame (only rare because it is so often ignored, being weak without training,) is thought to be without secondary ability, this being taken by the white flames unique and powerful levels of inherent control over the flame. SPOILER FOLLOWS: DO NOT CONTINUE UNTIL YOU HAVE READ BOOK TWO: The white flame however, is found to have a powerful ice wielding ability during Treghan’s adventures in the Everwinter Highlands.

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