This list is not complete, however it does include most characters of consequence.

(*’flame unknown’ indicates a wielder whose colour has not been revealed)

The major characters in Flame Rangers are:

Treghan – a boy from Judd village, protagonist, white flame.

Corilai – a girl from Dent village, protagonist, black flame

Fletcher – Treghan’s favoured twin brother, a red flame.

Marni – A friend, Academy first year student, green flame

Symin – Academy scout, originally from Oaklands, now lives at the Academy. Yellow flame

Loka – Academy Teacher, member of the enforcers, originally from Scholl village. Black flame, sister of Uma

Yuri – bandit ruler of Grey, no flame.

Minor characters in Flame Ragners:

Uma – a villager from Scholl, sister of Loka. Flame unknown.

Harv – A servant of Yuri, leader of his men in Judd. No flame.

Barache – a hermit, a field ranger, friend of the chancellor, retired, yellow flame.

Chancellor Howe – Ruler of cinder, leader of the Rangers, chief over all in the Academy, blue flame.

Beza – lieutenant to Yuri, but a good man. No flame.

Tara – Loka’s lieutenant, a young Ranger. Flame unknown. *SPOILER* – Book two reveals Tara is green flame.

Barre – Burser of the Academy. Flame unknown.

Hulnes – An old lady from Scholl, a refugee. No flame

Rulka – daughter of Hulnes, no flame.

Hono – wife of Beza, citizen of Grey, no flame.

And many others…


Additional Characters in Ice Rangers:

Ivy – a small child, one of those abducted
Lonay – A child of the mines
Dreighton – the ruler of the mines, a despot
Kurn – Dreighton’s son, an ice wielder
Hudson – a highlander child, one of the abducted children
Girfyn – an icewiedler of the mines, friend of Kurn
Rona – a young medicine woman, leader of the highlander village
Warreigh – one of the four fathers of the mines, Dreighton’s lieutenant.
Kres – victim of the smoke, Hudson’s sister
Jaer – a highlander child, one of the abducted
Yera – one of the abducted children, yellow flame

More to be added

Additional Characters in Sand Rangers:

Members of the Order of the Essence:
Malthus – one of the three artisans
Krytus – one of the three artisans
Hyren – a young boy, orange flame

Pirette – assigned to Horde, orange flame.
Cara – archivist, rebuilding Vera

Sena – yellow flame, the first flame
Ursaela – green flame
Gabraii – white flame
Dereala – black flame
Kresai – black flame
Wesnor – orange flame

More to be added

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